Innocent + Twisted Alchemy

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy is one of those indies that I don’t think gets enough exposure, but has amazing colors.  I placed an order on 1/30 and received it on 2/3.  Fast shipping is the best!  I ordered full-sizes of Baby Flame,  Spirit of the Moon, and Rose Royalty, and received a free clamshell of Kiss Mint.



With flash

From the top: Rose Royalty, Spirit of the Moon and Baby Flame


Without flash


Rose Royalty is described as “rose gold” and I love it!  If you are looking for a rose gold, look no further!


Spirit of the Moon is described as ” a smoky purple that has a copper shift and orange, purple, red, and blue sparkles. This is a very sparkly color”.


Baby Flame is described as ” Chocolate brown that’s got a golden orange duochrome”.


Kiss Mint is described as ” A mint green that has a purple duochrome”.

I+TA offers a monthly subscription service in both clamshells and full-sizes, and Rose Royalty, Baby Flame and Kiss Mint are all LE colors from the subscription.  Once they are sold out, there will be no more.  I highly recommend picking up Rose Royalty, and did a quick look using it and Baby Flame.


Have you purchased from I+TA?  If not, get on it!


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