Madd Cat Monthly Subscription – February

I subscribe to the Madd Style Cosmetics monthly subscription, Madd Cat Monthly.  For $12 per month, you receive ” – (2) Full-sized eye shadows that are NEW and EXCLUSIVE to this box. These eye shadows will not be sold on-line at any time. It will not be available for purchase outside of this box. 
– At least (2) deluxe-samples of products. 
– Surprises! These may include an overstock item, a random shadow, a lip balm, or an item that is discontinued, either from a collection or the clearance section. These may vary from full-size to sample”.
Here is the February collection!


This is the subscription.  The full-sizes are Be Mine and Valentine, and the deluxe samples are Miss Takes and Young Blood.  Not pictured is a special code, which changes monthly.  This month, it was $5 off a $15 future order!


First with flash, the next photo is without.  All swatches are over De Leon primer.  From top to bottom we have Miss Takes, Young Blood, Valentine and Be Mine.



Miss Takes


Young Blood




Be Mine

I really love Young Blood, and will be getting a full-size of it.  Later this week, I will also be using these colors to do a couple looks with.

With all of the different subscriptions available, which ones are you most interested in?


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