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ButterLondon Polish, with a quick Update



Two coats of butterLondon Hen Party.  I wanted a pretty neutral color, and I love the bluish sheen this polish has.

I will get back to makeup posts later this week, life has been a little hectic lately.  My mom is visiting for a couple weeks, and I am still working on getting into a routine.  But I miss blogging, and I have some new eyeshadows to share!  I want to do a makeup Q and A that I was tagged in too!  I am also being filmed for a youtube video for my job on Tuesday, so of course I will be taking photos of my makeup.  Now I’m off to catch up on the blogs I follow!


Firebird Bath and Body

I swapped some items with a friend recently, and she included a few Firebird Bath and Body perfumes.  One of them was Saltwater, and I fell in love.  I had to order a larger size of the perfume, and decided to try some other things as well.


I ordered a perfume and lotion in Saltwater, a trio of perfume samples, and four soap samples.

The main notes in Saltwater are ocean water, salt air and driftwood.  The description states:

“When I first introduced this fragrance it was a bit of a departure for me. Up until that point, my fragrances were generally more literal and based on simple recognizable notes: mint, fig, grapefruit, honey, and so on.

This one is more conceptual. Which is not to say it doesn’t smell like it’s name. There is something unmistakably oceanic about it- a watery, ozonic quality and a touch of something salty and almost a little spicy, that brings to mind sand and driftwood and sea air. But I wouldn’t say it smells exactly like the ocean. (Would you even want it to? Dead fish, seaweed, and all?) It’s more like… a memory of the ocean. You know how familiar places become distorted through memory- certain aspects take prevalence while others fade away…

Perhaps I’m getting a little too out there. To put it simply- a non-floral, non-tropical ocean scent consisting of marine notes, cedar and myrtle, that softens and mellows on the skin and becomes ethereal and almost haunting. Definitely unisex, definitely unusual- and worth a try, if the idea intrigues you.”

The sent definitely reminds me of the ocean.  I grew up in Massachusetts, and still go back to Cape Cod with my family every couple of years.  This scent is my current addiction, and I love layering the lotion and perfume.

I ordered a trio of perfume samples in Black Tea and Mint, Blood Cedar, and Grapefruit Ginger.  I can’t describe perfumes to save my life, but I enjoy all of these.  Blood Cedar is my favorite.  I think it was worth $5 to be able to sample the scents.

The last thing I purchased was a soap sampler, because I just cant resist bar soaps.  I chose Wasabi, Ginger Tea, Pomegranate Rose, and Cedar + Mint.  I have’t used the soaps yet, but they each smell great.  $6 for four little bars is perfect.

This was my first purchase from Firebird, but I will be ordering again!





Products used:
Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB
NARS Blush in Laguna
Detrivore Cosmetics Pallor Mortis Dehydrating Powder
Lorac Take A Brow in Brunette
Tick:Tock Infinity Eyeshadow Base
Almay Intense i-Color eyeliner in Black Pearl
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara in Very Black
Femme Fatale Cosmetics eyeshadows in Heroic, Sunfire, and Fire Opal
Coastal Scents lip pencil in Pinky
NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight