Easter Eyes!

I mentioned that the colors in my April MCM Subscription were perfect for Easter, so I had to do a look with them! 



I used the following Madd Style Cosmetics colors:
N.A.P. Time
New Growth
Robin’s Egg
Mustard Danger

In one of the facebook groups I am in, we have a weekly makeup challenge.  This week’s challenge is to create a look inspired by your favorite Easter candy.  I chose my mom’s favorite candy, Peeps!
This look didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, but I’m sharing it anyway!




The last picture is befitting of how I feel about this look.  The thought behind it was pink and yellow peeps, with yellow ‘sugar’ on my lips.  The yellow is Carnival Queen from Dark Heart Designs, and the pink is My Pretty Zombie from My Pretty Zombie.

I will be doing a post soon with details on the rest of the makeup I use for a full face because I always use the same products, that way I will be able to link back to it in my FOTD posts.


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