My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is a company that has been around for a while, and offers a gorgeous array of eyeshadows.  I was tempted to buy when I saw they were donating all proceeds from the sale of one of their colors to a Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.  I purchased the charity color, Ojo De Gato, and also picked up Law Firm Lamb Cake, and received three samples with my order.


All swatches are over DeLeon Primer.


Ojo De Gato.  I included the blurry photo to show the sparkle!


Law Firm Lamb Cake, a pretty highlight color that is the shade of my skin

And now for the samples.  I received two eyeshadow samples and a blush sample.


Celery and Bile


Grandma Cleavage


MDMA Blush
I applied this heavily at the top, and blended it down.  It is a really pretty color, and I actually own this in a full-size.

Ojo De Gato is only available until May 1, go pick it up to support the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary!


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