My Basic Face Routine

I love makeup because it enhances beauty.  This isn’t to say that I never leave the house without makeup, because I do.  All the time.  I have a bunch of issues that I prefer to cover up with makeup, including uneven skin tone, broken capillaries, scars, age spots, and zits.  Here are some photos of my naked face:



And here is my face with my basic makeup, not including eyeshadow or eyeliner:



So what products do I use?


I always start with an eye primer, because it helps eyeshadow adhere, and usually intensifies the color.  I would normally finish my eyeshadow application, so that I could cleanup any fallout.  Today, I just continued on with the rest of my face.

I use color correction to help coverup broken capillaries on my nose and cheeks, scars and age spots on my cheek, and undereye bags.  I don’t always color correct, but I have some little zits right now and felt like covering them up today.

I then apply BB Cream all over my face.  I appreciate the ease of use of this product, the amount of coverage, and the way it wears.  I have been using this BB Cream for a couple years, and it is definitely my favorite type of foundation.

I then use bronzer to do a little contouring because my face is so round.  I don’t use any blush because my skin is pink enough.  I do use a powder with just a touch of shimmer on the tops of my cheeks for a highlight, and then follow that with an all over mattifying powder.

I finish my makeup by using brow powder and wax, eyeliner and mascara.  I curl my lashes before I apply mascara because I prefer the way it comes out.  I also used a nude lip liner when I was done with everything else.

I will link back to this post when I add new FOTDs, because I usually just list eyeshadows and lip products used.


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