Lippies – Day 3

Today we have three lipsticks from Portland Black Lipstick Company.


PBLC sells a variety of lipstick colors, and is most known for the unusual colors they offer.  I don’t have any of the unusual colors, but I do have a couple gorgeous ones, and a color that just doesn’t work for me.  One note, the shipping at PBLC is high.  The lipsticks cost $12 each, and shipping for one is $4, and an additional $1 for each lipstick.   Now on to the swatches!



Lux et Voluptas
This is one of my favorite lippies.  It is a pink with a golden sheen, and I think it’s flattering on everyone.  Love it!



This color is described as a ‘warm metallic red’.  The color on the website is no good, but this is a really pretty red.  I use this color often.



Undead Red
This color is just too dark for me, and it leans brown on me.  It is described as ‘a dark, dark red that wants to be called ‘plum’ or something’.  I don’t think this is plum at all.

Have you tried PBLC?


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