Antimony Blue


I bought myself some new perfumes for my birthday!  Antimony Blue is a new company, and you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.
I purchased The Beast You Made and Dreams to Sell, and received a sample of Hearts Devoured, a limited edition summer scent that will be available soon.


The Beast You Made is described as ” Forests of birch trees and evergreens, carpeted with thick green mosses and hung with the misty, electric haze of a summer thunder storm. Tart red fruits and sweet yellow berries cut the fog like lightening, melting against something alive and warm. This blend contains rainbow moonstone to strengthen our ties to the natural world, awaken long-forgotten intuitions, and soothe the wild beast within”.
This scent reminds me of tarot readings I have had done.  It smells earthy and clean, and it will be a wonderful fall scent.


Dreams to Sell is described as ” A cool, green tidal wave, replete with fresh herbs, aquatic flowers, and oceanic musks, topped with bright peppermint and exotic acai berry. Infused with sodalite to bring tranquility to unconscious thoughts and encourage mental clarity and stability”.
This scent is very bright and feminine, without being overly floral or sweet.  I will be wearing this a lot this summer.

Hearts Devoured is probably my favorite, and the description includes “Sliced mango and sweet rice, spiced tea and candied ginger, offerings to the Limitless and Transcendent. Labyrinthine gardens of imperial blossoms, regal iris, and memorial chrysanthemum”. It is tart and sweet, and I will be ordering it in a full size.

I like the complexity of these scents, and appreciate the thought behind them.  I can’t wait to see more from this company!


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