Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoos

I never had any real interest in the Color Tattoos.  I have found my holy grail primer, and my eyeshadows last all day, so I didn’t see the need to buy the Color Tattoos.  And then someone shared photos of these two limited edition shades, and I had to have them.  I spent three weeks searching for them locally, but had no luck finding them.  One of the women in a fb group I am in offered to pick them up and ship them to me, and I took her up on it.



115 Shimmering Sea and 110 Sunwashed Sky.




Shimmering Sea


Sunwashed Sky

I love these.  They are quick and easy to apply, and I love the duochrome.  I am wearing Shimmering Sea today, and it is holding up great, even in the heat and humidity.



There is no good reason for the green eyeliner.  I wanted purple, but was in a hurry and green was the one I found first.

Have you tried the Color Tattoos?  Do you love them?  And how do they compare to the L’Oreal version?


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