Work and Such

I am feeling really anxious about work.  I am a procrastinator, I always have been, and I have a huge deadline hanging over my head.  I have until Sunday to get a large project done, and for whatever reasons, I keep putting it off.  It doesnt help that I also leave Monday morning for a week-long work conference, so there is no wiggle room in the deadline, but also other things that must be done so I am ready to leave.  Five days is enough time to get things done, but I need to buckle down and finish everything.

I will still be blogging, mostly because I find it calming.  I am looking forward to sharing some more lip swatches with you, as well as some Outfit of the Day posts while I am in California.
I also reached 100 followers this week, and I am really excited about it!  I’ve decided that when I reach 132 followers, I will do a giveaway.  Not sure what yet, but it will likely be a sampling of my favorite Indie products.

So, here’s to hoping the next five days go by quickly, but not so quick that I can’t get everything done!


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