Packing Light (ha!)

I will be in Los Angeles for five days for a work conference, and am attempting to pack everything into a carry-on.  This is a huge deal for me as I like to be prepared.  For anything.  Everything.


I just did a practice run of packing, and I think I can make it work!  So what all am I bringing with me?


4 dresses
4 tops
1 pair of black pants
3 cardigans
2 pairs of leggings
1 bathing suit
3 tshirts to sleep in
1 pair of yoga pants
2 bras
1 tank top
2 makeup and brush bags
2 toiletries bags
Not pictured: 2 pairs of flats and 2 extra purses

I am totally aware I am ridiculous, but I like to have options.  I will be travelling in jeans and sneakers for comfort, and have a little tote to hold my main purse, a couple books and a magazine.

I hope this post makes you laugh at how crazy I am.


2 thoughts on “Packing Light (ha!)

    1. Shards Of Illusion Post author

      I picked it up at Covered Bridge Festival, which is a huge thing here in Indiana in October. I love it! It was only $15 or $20, and well worth it for all the use I get out of it.


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