Adventures in Travelling

Here is how the day should have gone:  My friend arrives around 530a, we go to McDonald’s for Sweet Tea, she drops me off at the airport around 7a and I check in.  The first flight leaves at 830a and arrives at Dallas Fort Worth around 10a.  Our next flight leaves at 11a and we arrive at LAX at noon.  We travel to the hotel, and are checked in by 1p.

Obviously this is nothing like how it actually went.  So, how did it actually go you ask?  Let me tell you…

I finished packing and cleaning, and was ready to go a little after 5a.  I started getting anxious when I hadnt heard from my friend by 520a.  I started calling around 530a.  10+ calls later, 15 texts, I left my house at 610a to get gas because I had less than a quarter of a tank, and was on the road by 630a.  Speeding, I arrived at the airport at 730a and had to park in the garage where parking is $18/day.  I made it through security after a problem with the amount of liquids I had, and was at the gate at 750a, ten mins before boarding.  This flight was uneventful, and even arrived early in Dallas!  I took a tram to the terminal I needed, and was at the gate with plenty of time to spare.  The plane was boarded, and after half an hour, we were told there was a flat tire.  They had known about it 45 mins before boarding us, but were waiting for specific personnel to verify the tire was flat (!!!) and then to complete the inspection.  After an hour of waiting, they told people they could get off the plane, as the cabin doors had not been closed.  It was hoooooootttttt, so I chose to get off the plane to go purchase some drinks and snacks.  What they failed to tell us was that if we got off the plane, we would be unable to reboard until the tire had been fixed and all passengers who had disembarked were ready to reboard.  After much arguing with the boarding agent, I was allowed to reboard.
It took two and a half hours to replace the tire.  We finally began to taxi from the gate, and ten minutes later the pilot comes on the loudspeaker to tell us there is a problem with the hydraulics.  We were unable to return to our original gate because it was occupied, so it took another ten minutes to find a new gate.  At this point, everyone was restless and wanted off the plane.  BUT the main cabin door was stuck shut.  We were literally trapped in the plane!  They had to call for stairs to be brought to the rear emergency exit, and after climbing down those, we had to climb another set of temporary stairs to get back into the terminal.  That plane was pulled for maintenance and we were all given $12 lunch vouchers.  A new plane wasnt available until 4p, and we didnt leave Dallas until 530p.  Thankfully, the flight was uneventful, and we finally arrived at LAX and took a shuttle to the hotel.  Instead of being all checked in by 1p, I didnt get checked in until after 7p.
American Airlines has already received a complaint email from me, and I will follow-up tomorrow with a call.

Today has been a comedy of errors.  Now let me share amusing photos from my horrible day.


The start of the day around 5a


Sweaty and dying after escaping during the flat tire escapade


The emergency exit after the main door wouldnt open



The view from my room and my room after finally checking in

The rest of the week has to go more smoothly, right?!


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