What Did You Do This Weekend?

I have been busy since Friday.  Friday was full of meetings for work, which means I actually did my makeup.




And by the time I got home…


Not too bad.  The plus of working at home is I get to spend lots of time in pjs and comfy clothes, no makeup.  Whenever I have meetings, presentations, or conferences, I always do my makeup.

I decided Saturday to go to the farmer’s market and grocery shopping, and wanted to do my makeup again.


I forgot to take photos before I left, so this was after the farmer’s market.  Of course, it started to rain, so by the time I got home, I was a mess.


My face was OK, but my hair does not do well in humidity.  I thought it was amusing.

And I have spent Sunday cleaning and organizing, and putting together a new chair.  I dont even want to discuss the issues I had with the chair, but it is done, and fairly comfortable.


Now, I have to go finish some paperwork and spend the rest of the night relaxing.


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