FOTD and Some Hauls



This is what I get when I only have 35 minutes to wake-up, shower, get dresses, and do my hair and makeup.  Rough day.

The plus is my presentation went well, and I was able to stop by an Ulta and get a ton of stuff for only $20 out of pocket.  I will do a post on this stuff soon!


And, when I got home, my OHWTO order was waiting for me!  There will be a post on this soon too!


And now, it is bed time because today has been a long day.


2 thoughts on “FOTD and Some Hauls

  1. Amanda

    You inspired me to try face masks. I went to Ulta with 2 grabby handed beasts to get desperately needed tweezers. I did not have the time or patience to look for the clay masks but I found what I thought were masks you apply. They were single premade cloths with eye nose and mouth holes. They were ehhh…but I was looking for the type you have in your picture.

    1. Shards Of Illusion Post author

      I had to ask an employee at Ulta where these masks were! They were along the back wall, behind haircare and next to the salon. So weird! At $4 each, and currently on sale bogo half off, these are amazing!


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