Random Thoughts

I love being able to spend time with my mom.  Our roadtrip is coming to an end, and it has been amusing.  I will be sharing details and photos soon, I just need to get everything together.

Tonight, I am sunburnt and covered in bug bites.  Not the best way to end things, but worth it.  Thank goodness for Aloe with Lidocaine!

As I lay here in bed, my mind wanders.  The littlest things can remind me of people and make me sad.  The scenery here is beautiful, but all the ranches and bales of hay are depressing.  And a comment my mom made unknowingly just added to it.

Yes, sometimes my posts are cryptic, but blogging can be cathartic, and I use it as a diary/planner to remember things, anything from my thoughts, purchases, travels, all parts of my life.

On a lighter note, I cant wait to share some swatches from Shiro, Notoriously Morbid, Innocent & Twisted Alchemy, and Madd Style Cosmetics!  This coming week will be a good one because I say so.  Happy weekend!


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