This Week.

It’s only Monday and I am already over this week.  One of my close friends found out via facebook that her father died this weekend, and has been dealing with that since.  The memorial will be Thursday.  I have had a handful of computer problems since setting up my new work computer, and it’s causing unecessary stress and problems.  My mom called today to tell me about a medical problem that might lead to needing a stint in her neck.  I have a horrible migraine, and nothing is helping.  I finally said fuck it, and am working on some cleaning and organizing because I can’t just lay in bed because my head hurts.

I really do wish I could just sleep this week away, and wake up to a better week next week.  Instead, I will be working on crossing things off my to-do list and playing with makeup.  Hopefully I can swatch some of my recent purchases.  Here’s to hoping this week gets better, or at least goes by quickly.


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