Madd Cat Monthly Subscription – September


Such cute packaging!

October will be the last month of the Madd Cat Monthly, and October 1 is the last day the site will be open.  You will be able to purchase October’s MCM on October 1 if you want!  Visit the site in the next week here!


As the note says, you should join the Madd Style Cosmetics makeup group, not only for info on sales in the future, but also because it is a fun group, and we do swaps 3-6 times per year that are AMAZING! 

All swatches are over Wet n Wild Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer from the Fergie collection.  I have been having issues with my primer, and decided it was time to try something new.  I love this primer, for swatching and daily use.  And I love that you can use it with matte shadows too, as you will see below.


Fare Thee Well


What a Long, Strange Trip…


Canary Wharf



Dont the matte shadows look great?!  It can be hard to find a good primer that works with different types of finishes, and this one does!
I love all of these colors, and it makes it that much sadder that MSC is closing soon.  I am glad I signed up for this sub, it gave me a chance to try out so many different shadows, some that I never would have chosen myself.

Come join the fb group so you can stay up to date on future MSC happenings, and chat with others who love makeup!


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