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I recently joined Instagram.  My main reason is it’s great for entering contests!  But, I am posting some swatches as I prepare my IMATS blog post, so follow me here to get some sneak peeks!


My Babies

It is the middle of the night, I am bored in a hotel room, and have decided to introduce you to my furbabies!  *Warning – Crazy Cat Lady Post*

I have three cats, all of them rescues and all of them special needs.  The first is Kitty.  I rescued her in 2004.


Kitty was outside, meowing pitifully, and it took my coworker and I more than a week to catch her.  She had a severely broken front leg, and it was dragging, causing sores and also throwing off her balance.  I took her to the vet, and ended up having the leg amputated.  The vet now estimates she is around 17, but I think she is more like 12.  Either way, she is an old lady, but she still loves attention amd catnip, and has way more good days than bad days.

The next is Boy, and I rescued him in 2006 when he was 4 weeks old.  I am pretty sure he was a ferral cat that was taken in, but the owner wasnt able to care for him.


He is the sweetest boy, but only to me.  He hates every other human ever.  He hisses, swats and bites anyone who tries to come near him, and even refuses to come out for wet food when I am travelling and someone else is taking care of them for me.  Boy and Kitty get along great, they have been together since Boy was teeny tiny, and Boy is great at cleaning Kitty and helping her clean her head, which she struggles with because of her missing leg.


Boy on the left, Kitty on the right, curled up in my bed.

Last but not least is Lovie.  I adopted Lovie in 2013 because I was worried Kitty was getting older and I didnt want Boy to be alone.


Lovie is a silly little girl at only 2.5 years old.  She was rescued by a local shelter after she was found on the side of the road.  She is missing most of her lips and has problems with her teeth, scars on her head and some missing chunks on both ears.  Kitty and Boy havent taken to her so well, but they all tolerate one another.  Lovie was originally named Buckles, but she deserves the name Lovie.  She headbutts for kisses, loves being held like a baby, and insists on jumping up behind me so she can curl up on my chest.

I realize this is a ridiculously long post, but I love my babies, and want to encourage everyone to consider adopting/rescuing when looking for a family pet.