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It’s Been So Long!

Life just gets in the way sometimes.  Work has been insane, with people out for extended periods, and additional work on top of the absences.  Things are finally calming down, and I want to catch up here.  I have so many things to share, and so much I want to accomplish this year.  I cant believe 2015 is already 25% over!

My goal is to get back to regular blogging, but you can also follow me on Instagram at Shards_of_Illusions.


It’s a terrible feeling when things go wrong, and even worse when you know it can’t be fixed.

Cryptic post is cryptic, I just needed to put it down somewhere.

Super Quick EOTD

I was running late this morning, and grabbed my go-to palette for a quick smokey eye.


The Almay Wake Up palette in 020 Exhilarate is perfect when you are in a hurry.  It has a primer, and three complementary eyeshadows.  I was in such a hurry I didn’t have time to snap a before photo, but I did take a photo after 11 hours of wear.


I really appreciate the formula of the primer and the shadows, and how well they wear.  It’s also convenient that you can pick this up at your local drugstore.

Beauty and Life

I am a beautiful mess.  I love makeup, nail polish, all things bath and body, and supporting small businesses.  I work too much, but travel a couple times a year.  I am a thirty-something cat lady and OK with it…most days.  I collect tarot cards, tattoos and Christmas ornaments.  I haven’t taken enough time for myself the last couple of years, and I hope to change that this year, or at least make a start.  

I’m not gorgeous, but I love makeup and enjoy sharing it with others.  I don’t have any goals with this blog, other than to have an outlet.