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February Photo Challenge




Follow Me on Instagram!

I recently joined Instagram.  My main reason is it’s great for entering contests!  But, I am posting some swatches as I prepare my IMATS blog post, so follow me here to get some sneak peeks!

I Hate Technology

My phone is having issues, and I am not due for an upgrade until January.  That is probably not doable, and I haven’t figured out what I am going to do about it.  Since it is still working now, I will be trying to get a bunch of blogs pre-loaded this coming week.

There is so much going through my mind, good and bad and crazy and crazier.  It will be interesting to see how things play out in the coming months.  Stay tuned!

Baby Steps

When I lose 7 more pounds, I will have officially lost 10% of my body weight, and be at a weight I havent been at since college, which was 10 years ago.  There is still much I want to do, but even the little milestones are worth celebrating. 
This blog will never be about weight loss or anything, but it’s a good reminder to keep working at all my goals.  Happy Wednesday!